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Custom Programming

We have been providing custom PHP applications for over 15 years. By specializing in professional expert PHP programming, we’re able to provide an exhaustive list of custom website features and software applications, including but not limited too:

  • Custom Ecommerce Website Design
  • Highly Accurate Custom Analytic Reporting
  • Custom Affiliate and Search Systems
  • MySQL Database Management System Programming
  • Dynamic Database Generated Website Content
  • Google Map and UPS API Integration
  • Banner and Button Ad Management Administration
  • Highly Accurate Custom Analytic Reporting
  • Custom Backend Development and Custom Content
  • Management Systems
  • Custom MySQLi Database Management Systems
  • Auction systems
  • Online chat’s
  • Calendars
  • Coupon Systems
  • Refer-A-Friend Systems
  • Syndicated Content (RSS)
  • Custom Access Database conversion
  • AS/400 to web conversions
  • Complex API integrations

Whether you have a small project with 1-2 hours of work, need someone to troubleshoot an existing PHP script, or need a website that is a complex, customized CRM system, Smartzweb’s team can help make your website generate results.

These are just a few examples.
Complex Custom Searches
Complex  API Integrations
Escappees – google maps api integration
Doug Rushing – Twillo round robin plugin, that forwarded calls based on the date received.
Doug Rushing –  Custom MLS API
Ridecell – Complex Job API integration (greenhouse)
Newks  – Custom google maps API, and load scripts
Aruze gaming  -Custom Slot locator and complex members system
Complex Custom Websites
Basscat – site built on custom framework
Irow  Custom backend for old complex  access program
Complex Custom Reporting
Uslegal Forms Affiliate Reporting – Custom reporting and tracking built and used by thousands of affiliates on a monthly basis.
Custom Apps
Rock it or Not – Firebase and React Native